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Bakas Naturals is a company with quality and expertise in product development.
We are a part of the Eco And Health Group. We care about the planet, and the well being of people on this planet. Bakas Naturals is engaged in innovative product development and also has a division for production of nutricosmetics and skin care, exporting  to customers worldwide.


To be a leading global business player, in the field of green environment and natural consumer lifestyle products.


To offer mainly natural products of the highest quality to consumers, being formulated using the best high quality ingredients, and value added services,  in a way that exceeds their quality expectations. Together with the goal of helping reduce landfills due to poor waste management, we aim on cleaning up our precious planet.


We recognize the vital role of each of our team members. Thus we will develop and maintain a total quality culture that facilitates each player’s drive for excellence.
We believe that all of us are responsible for creating customer delight, superior quality, continuous improvement, and teamwork.

Quality Control

Our company has established and implemented a quality system with a quality management. All of our products undergo a strict quality control from the raw material to the finished products, to assure the highest quality products. Our waste management team are professionals within their fields, and our company always checks on the latest rules and regulations.

Quality isn’t something that can be argued into an article or promised into it. It must be put there. If it isn’t put there, the finest sales talk in the world won’t act as a substitute.C.G. Campbell



CONSUMER PRODUCTS: You have always been accustomed from us to receive detailed information about our products and their application scope. This is now banned by Council Regulation (EC) no 1924/2006 (Health Claims Regulation), effective from 14th december 2012. This EU Regulation (of the EFSA) covers all providers of food and dietary supplements.
According to this regulation it forbids all health claims on food products, as far as this (yet) appear on a list of EU Commission allowed claims. Of the approximately 44,000 requests that were made for  admission in 2008, only a total of 222 were included in 2012 on this list.
About most of  the other requests for admission, there is no decision so far. Many dietary supplements – unfortunately also ours -as well as the producers and traders of these dietary supplements, are directly affected by this regulation.
This means that we may not inform you in more detail for the time being about our high quality products than we do currently, with just a brief desciption. You can find more information with links, where we refer to it (for example, a producer of the raw material).


BlackHole (TM)

ECO WASTE DISPOSAL MACHINE: Made by TeslaGreen. It is a cost effective, compact and easy to operate Solid Waste disposal systems that uses state-of-the art, Plasmic Heat Technology to decompose the Municipal Solid Waste. Zero emission, small footprint, clean air, re-usable by products, and many more benefits and advantages…please feel free to contact us.


In this context, we would like to expressly point out, that all consumer products offered by us are examined and certified within the EU regulations,and thus to comply with the valid EU law. The same goes for our waste disposal machines, all patented and in compliance with EU rules and regulations.


Bakas Naturals is a company with quality and expertise in innovation and product development. We are engaged in eco solutions, natural supplements and skin care.


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