Why natural

I have always been supporting using natural remedies in the way of preventative and also healing methods.


To much pills can’t be good for your health, yet we can’t live without synthetic medicine.

Why? I think conventional medicine is focussed on to ‘fix’ the body, which I totally understand because that’s how the business works.
Dr. Linda Page, ND once wrote an article in ‘Foodmatters’ that got my attention. She also explained that our culture has allowed the health care industry to become so powerful and disproportionately lucrative that it is now in the business of illness rather than health.
In one disconcerting example, a physician, returning from an extended vacation, found an empty waiting room. His colleague had been treating his patients nutritionally. The physician wailed, “This is terrible. It took me years to build a long-term, regular patient clientele!”
People everywhere are realizing that our doctors receive no reward for health, only for treating illness and prescribe drugs.

This is not to say that we can live without synthetic/chemical medicines, and use natural remedies, but there are few and far between.
Drugs have been developed that can pinpoint a molecule and affect how it reacts in the body. Organs can be transplanted. Lifespans have doubled. These accomplishments are nothing short of miraculous.

Natural medicine has it’s own list of miracles, but it’s worldview is based on a vocabulary that sees the bigger picture. Rather than investigating the individual building-blocks of the human body, traditions like Ayurveda, chinese medicine, and western herbalism are more apt to look at the whole human.

The twenty-first century finds many people using more natural, less drug-oriented therapies, sometimes as an alternative to conventional medicine, sometimes in a team approach along with it. As orthodox medicine becomes more invasive, and less in touch with the person who is ill, informed people are becoming more willing to take a measure of responsibility for their own health.

scalesHealth is a lifestyle process. It is based in wellness care, instead of just illness treatment. The best news is that natural remedies work – often better than prescription drugs for many health conditions.
Another point that I would like to make is that in today’s world, with the astronomical cost of health insurance on the rise, it’s time to investigate natural products that are not only less expensive, but also very effective.

Long before conventional medicine came to be, natural medicine was the only thing used. And quite succesfully, I might add. So why not still use it?

Imagine a human being without stress, whole to be fit, and enjoying life in a free and healthy way, without banning out the incidently ‘bad foods’ or prosperous lifestyle. Too much of one thing is never good. The trick here is, to have a balance in this. Sometimes you need medical attention or drugs, mostly in life threatening situations. But natural remedies are best for a longer term, since the effectiveness is ‘naturally’ which takes more time than conventional healing.

Our skin care consists of mainly natural ingredients, and if we can not make it 100% natural, because the effectiveness needs other  cosmetic ingredients, it is well chosen by our experts, to be compliant with all regulations in order to be safe for the human body (skin). We only use the most excellent ingredients (raw materials) manufactured by EU manufacturers.

R. Bakas (Founder)


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